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The Bathologist

Soothing Body Lotion

Soothing Body Lotion

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Hydrate -Finish your bath routine with our Hydrate Smoothing Body Lotion.

Sweet Orange & Rosemary essential oils are very soothing for the skin, fighting off free radicals from pollution, reducing inflammation and allowing your skin to feel smooth and hydrated.

Excellent for aprés bath or a day in the sun.

Sleep -Make Sleep Smoothing Body Lotion a part of your daily wind-down ritual. Enjoy the combination of lavender and mint essential oils that naturally calm and tone the skin. 

Sleep Smoothing Body Lotion ensures your bath has lasting effects while you sleep the night away. 

Recover -Complete your self care with the therapeutic benefits of eucalyptus and cedar wood found in The Bathologist's Recover Smoothing Body Lotion.  

A light, non greasy body moisturizer that lets pure essential oils invigorate your tired skin. 




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